We recommend an intermediate class for people who have surfing / body board experience and can make turns or takeoffs. The wave height for this class would be 100cm. The waves are bigger than beginner class and you can enjoy the ride with the face of the board. The coaches will be lecturing the difference of actual waves in the seas and waves at citywave. The class will be held with maximum of 12 people and you can drop in from left or right side of your choice.
You can challenge and practice your movements for improving your surfing skill. The height of the waves is also nice for a long ride and it will be a good place to improve your stamina.

Maximum capability of



Time of the session



Qualifying age


and over

Price (tax included)



Renting fees for a surfboard, a wet suit, and a towel are included in the price.
There are various sizes of boards and wet suits.
Swimsuit are not available for renting.

Information Guide

About the level of intermediate session

This class is suitable for people who have experienced surfing at citywave or in natural seas before.
The wave size will be good for you to practice riding with cutback.

About the equipment

You can either bring your own surfboard or rent our board (soft or hard). Please be careful with the fin and the edge, and also make sure you attach a leash on your board in case you bring your own surfboard.

About the lecture

You will have 5 to 10 min to get used to the unique waves at citywave Tokyo, which are different from natural waves. You can enjoy your own ride during rest of the session time.

The size of the waves

The waves in the intermediate class have slightly more angles compared to those of beginner class. There normally will be one person at a time to ride the waves so that you can enjoy the powerful waves.

The schedule

Please come check-in directly to citywave 20 minutes before your reservation time. Please note that our reception is different from that of Sporu Shinagawa. Please make sure you bring your own swimsuit.

Checking-in Process

We will provide you with equipment after checking-in. Please get change and be ready at the wave pool 5 minutes before your session starts.

Things To Take With You

The rent fees of a surfboard, a wetsuit, and a towel are included in the price. You can also take your own board and wetsuit if you prefer.


The session is normally available only with a reservation unless there are availabilities on the day of your visit. Please also note that we can accept the payment only with credit cards.