Frequently Asked Questions

No problem! We are welcoming beginners and recommending a beginner session for those people though it is better if you can swim or you are used to being in the water. For children, we only accept those who can swim.

We start with explaining how to enjoy surfing safely, and how to use a surfboard. Then you will go into the water holding the “safety bar” in order to get used to the waves and controlling the surfboard.
You will eventually be able to go on the wave without the safety bar.

Please bring your own swimsuit. Everything else such as a surfboard, a wetsuit or a rush guard, helmet, and a bath towel will be provided. We have some wetsuits for children with limited number of them.
We recommend you to bring your own wetsuits if you have one for cold seasons.

There are changing rooms with lockers, showers (200JPY per use), and bathrooms. Please talk to the reception of Sporu for using showers.

We prepare soft boards made with materials like styrofoam so that it does not hurt your body when the board touches you. It is mandatory to use the soft board for beginner sessions even if it is slightly more difficult to control compared to regular surfboards.

Please arrive 30 minutes before your session. You can directly come to our reception through the stairs besides the reception of Sporu, the building we are located in.
Please note that SPORU reception is not the citywave reception.

All the reservations should be made through our official website of citywave Tokyo. Please note that we do not accept reservations with telephone calls. Also, please prepare your credit card with you since you will be charged online as you make a booking.
Please fill the booking foam online where you will be filling your preferred session, time, date, and number of people. We would also like you to let us know whether you prefer to rent equipment or not though you can change the number of rents on the day of your visit.

In case you want to cancel your booking, please email and let us know (info@citywave-tokyo.jp) with your name, date of your reservation, and the session you reserved. You can also cancel only for some people of your group reservation.
For the cancellation fee, we will charge 100% of the price for the cancellation made within 24 hours of the lesson start time unless the lesson is cancelled on account of citywave Tokyo or Sporu Oimachi.

For both beginners and children, we recommend you to try intermediate sessions after 2 to 3 times of beginner or kids sessions.

First of all, the size of waves is different. Then the intermediate session does not include the practice with the safety bar. Also, you can bring your own surfboard in the intermediate session.

Even if you have some experience of surfing, we recommend you to start from the beginner class since conditions at citywave is quite different from those of actual surfing in the seas such as amount of water and direction of waves. As you get used to the conditions at citywave, you will be able to apply your movements just like you do in natural seas.

We recommend you to bring your own surfboard after moving on to the intermediate class. However there is a possibility where your surfboard or fin would be damaged due to the water pressure, quantity of water, or water drain. Please bring your own surfboard at your own risk and responsibility.

The waves in the advanced session have bigger angles with the same quantity of water in the intermediate class. It allows you to have similar movements as surfing in natural seas.