This is a session for people with no or little experience of surfing. You can enjoy surfing even if you are unable to stand or move much in the sea. The wave height for beginners is 80cm. The beginners including children can easily learn the feeling of standing on the waves with the support of a handrail. You can take your time to learn how to move your bodies as the waves are low and gentle. You will know this new and good feeling of riding on the waves after the 50 minutes session. All you need is a swimsuit since all the equipment such as a surfboard, a wet suit, and a helmet are included in the price.

Maximum capability of



Time of the session



Qualifying age


and over

Price (tax included)



Renting fees for a surfboard, a wet suit, and a towel are included in the price.
There are various sizes of boards and wet suits.
Swimsuit are not available for renting.

Information Guide

About the level of the beginner session

Beginner session is recommended for people who have no experience of surfing and those who have a little experience of surfing but never tried citywave before. You will be able to stand on the board stable with the supporting handrail. Enjoy the feeling of gliding on the wave.

About the equipment

You will have a surfboard for a beginner that is made of soft materials. The fin is also made with soft materials so that you don’t get hurt incase you fall down. The coaches will select the suitable board for each person according to your height and weight.

About the lecture

There will be 2 instructors during the session who will be giving a lecture on surfing gears to techniques on the board. It will definitely help you next time you go surfing in the seas.

The size of the waves

Take it easy! We can control the sizes of the waves at citywave Tokyo. We will prepare the best size for beginners which is not too small nor too big.

The schedule

Please come check-in directly to citywave 20 minutes before your reservation time. Please note that our reception is different from that of Sporu Shinagawa. Please make sure you bring your own swimsuit.

Checking-in Process

After checking-in at the reception, we will provide you with a towel and a wet suit. Please get change and be ready at the wave pool 5 minutes before your session starts.

Things To Take With You

Please bring your own swimsuit since all the other equipment will be prepared at citywave Tokyo. Do not forget your mobile phone with a camera. We will shoot your riding photos so that you can show your experiences to your friends.


The session is normally available only with a reservation unless there are availabilities on the day of your visit. Please also note that we can accept the payment only with credit cards.