We recommend an advanced class for people who have experience of surfing or body board and can take control over the board. The size of the waves will be 120cm with breaks and bumps just like natural waves. You can improve your skill and movements with stable and high quality waves. These waves are also recommended for trainings of competitors. The advanced class will be held during mornings and late afternoons since there will be less influence of winds during those periods.

Maximum capability of



Time of the session



Qualifying age


and over

Price (tax included)



Renting fees for a surfboard, a wet suit, and a towel are included in the price.
There are various sizes of boards and wet suits.
Swimsuit are not available for renting.

Information Guide

About the level of advanced class

The waves have sharpened shape on the both sides as the quantity of water also increases. You can practice aggressive movements, as the waves are also good for ripping.

About the equipment

We recommend you to bring shorter boards by 3–5 inches (7-12cm) in order to allow you to practice more aggressive movements. You can also rent a suitable surfboard at citywave.

About the lecture

You will have 5 to 10 min to get used to the unique waves at citywave Tokyo, which are different from natural waves. You can enjoy your own ride during rest of the session time.

The size of the waves

We will provide you surprisingly high quality waves with precisely tuned shape and massive water quantity just like natural waves in the seas. The closer you get to the sides of the pool, the more you can make aggressive movement.

The schedule

Please come check-in directly to citywave 20 minutes before your reservation time. Please note that our reception is different from that of Sporu Shinagawa. Please make sure you bring your own swimsuit.

Checking-in Process

We will provide you with equipment after checking-in. Please get change and be ready at the wave pool 5 minutes before your session starts.

Things To Take With You

The rent fees of a surfboard, a wetsuit, and a towel are included in the price. You can also take your own board and wetsuit if you prefer.


The session is normally available only with a reservation unless there are availabilities on the day of your visit. Please also note that we can accept the payment only with credit cards.