コース Session Level
日程 Date
時間 Time
年齢 Age
ご利用人数 Number of Party
◼レンタルをご希望の方 Need a retntal equipment?
サーフボード Surfboard Rental
ウェットスーツ Wet Suits Rental
お名前 Name
お電話番号 cell phone number
メールアドレス Your E-mail
メールアドレス(確認用) Verify e-mail address

利用規約 Terms Of Service

The price includes rent fees of a surfboard, a wetsuit, and a towel.
Please keep yourself enough hydrated since the sides of the wave pool are located outdoor and it could get very hot.
Your submitted personal information may be used in the following cases.

Communicating our services and confirming your reservation details.
Confirming reservation or meeting time.
When the reception of Sporu requires an information about guests participating lesson at citywave Tokyo.

Please be aware of the fact that surfing has risk of losing your life and hurting others. Please participate the lesson after you understand the risks and the harshness of nature.
You have to follow the rules and regulation of citywave Tokyo and Sporu Oimachi, and you will act at on your own risk.
We citywave Tokyo, the management, coaches, and Sporu Oimachi take no responsibility nor liability for any accidents caused by your inattentiveness, unavoidable behaviors even with hazard prevention by coaches, and also any damages of your body or belongings caused by our equipment and facility.
Our lessons will be done in Japanese in principle unless we assign English-speaking coaches for some cases. Please note that you cannot participate to out lesson if you are unable to communicate smoothly in Japanese.
We have the right of owning and using pictures and movies taken during lessons. You will agree with the use of pictures and movies for our public relation activities by participating your lessons.
9:【キャンセルポリシー】Cancellation Policy
- citywave東京及びスポル大井町の都合でセッションが開催できない場合を除く、お客様都合でのキャンセルの場合は以下の通りキャンセル料を申し受けます。
【キャンセル料 ※2019年11月1日以降】
セッション開始時刻の24時間前までにご連絡を頂けた場合 : 0%(受講料を全額返金)
上記以降のキャンセルの場合 : 100%
【Cancellation charge ※From November 1st, 2019】
Please note that we will charge 100% of the price for the cancellation made within 24 hours of the lesson start time unless the lesson is cancelled on account of citywave Tokyo or Sporu Oimachi.

10【個人情報保護方針】Privacy Policy
This policy states how we, Sports Facility Management Co.,Ltd. handles personal information of our guests.
- 個人情報の定義 The Definition of Personal Information
The personal information means the personal information defined by Japanese law, Article 2, item 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act. It includes information like names, birthdays and other information, which can identify individuals who are alive.
- 個人情報の取得 Acquiring Personal Information
We acquire personal information with legal and appropriate way.
- 個人情報の管理 Managing Personal Information
We manage personal information of guests appropriately so that the information won’t be lost, leaked nor defamed.
- 個人情報の利用目的 The Purpose of Use
We utilize personal information of guests only for following purposes.
1. 本サービスの提供、維持、保護及び改善のため
In order to provide, keep, protect, and improve our service.
2. 本サービスに関する案内、問い合わせ等への対応のため
In order to give guidance and answer to inquiries.
3. 本サービスに関する利用規約、方針等に違反する行為に対する対応及び当該違反行為の防止のため
In order to react and deal with violation of our policy and rules, and also to prevent violating acts.
4. 本サービスに関する利用規約、方針等の変更等を通知するため
In order to notify the changes in our policies and terms.
5. 本サービスに関するメールマガジンの配信サービスの提供や、ダイレクトメールの発送のため
In order to send emails or letters about our services.
6. 当社のサービスに関連して、個人を識別できない形式に加工した統計データを作成するため
In order to create statistical data with information modified so that individuals cannot be identified.
7. 本セッション中に撮影された写真・動画等(お客様の顔が認識できるものを含みます。)をパンフレット、WEBサイトへの掲載等、主催者の広報活動に利用するため
In order to utilize pictures and movies of guest for our PR and marketing.
8. その他、上記利用目的に付随する目的のため
In Order to Utilize for Other Purpose Accompanying with Purposes Stated Above
- 第三者提供
We do not provide personal information of guests to a third party, unless it is permitted by the personalinformation protection law or other laws except the following cases.
1. 当社が利用目的の達成に必要な範囲内において個人情報の取扱いの全部又は一部を委託する場合
When we delegate the utilization of personal information to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of use of personal information.
2. 合併その他の事由による事業の承継に伴って個人情報が提供される場合
When the personal information are transferred because of merge of the company or other reasons.
3. 統計的情報を提供する目的で、個々の個人情報を集積又は分析し、個人を識別できない形に加工して、その統計データを開示する場合
When we provide the statistical data by gathering, analyzing, and modifying the personal information so that individuals cannot be identified.
4. その他、個人情報保護法その他の法令で認められる場合
When we are permitted to provide the information by laws.
- 個人情報の開示 Disclosing Personal Information
We promptly disclose personal information when our guests make requests for disclosing their own information unless we are not obligated to do so by laws. Please note that we will have to verify your identity before disclosing, and we will charge 1000 JPY at a time for disclosing personal information.
- 個人情報の訂正等 Correction of Personal Information
We will correct personal information of guests and notify them about the correction when guests make requests for the change, elimination, or suspension of use of personal information based on the laws unless we are not obligated to do so by the laws. Please not that we need to verify your identity before correcting your personal information.
- Cookie(クッキー)の使用 The Use of Cookie
We utilize Cookie for improving our service, acquiring statistical data and action history. You can change your setting in order to stop the Cookie function though there is a possibility that you will not be able to use some functions of our website.
- 個人情報保護方針の変更 Change In Our Privacy Policy
We change and update our privacy policy properly as needed, and notify the changes on our website.
担当者:島崎 敦

The Management Supervisor for Personal Information
Please contact the reception below for any inquiries.
Name of The Company: Sports Facility Management Co., Ltd.
Address: 5-1-5 Toranomon Minato City Tokyo
Person in Charge: Shimazaki Atsushi

11【利用にあたって誓約頂く事項】 Items to be pledged for use
In order to use citywave®︎Tokyo, it is necessary to understand, comply with and pledge the following. If you do not pledge, you will not be able to use the facility. In the case of minors, application with the consent of parents is required.
In using citywave®︎ Tokyo, I pledge that I understand and agree to the rules established by the operation organizer (hereinafter referred to as the organizer) and the contents of operation, and the following things, and apply.

-競技特性の理解と参加適性 Understanding of competition characteristics and aptitude for participation
I understand that it is a competition that takes place in an environment where changes in weather conditions occur.
In addition, we recognize that the physical condition of the participants changes rapidly, and we understand that there is a possibility that it may interfere with emergency rescue and response because the venue is specially set up outdoors.

-自己管理責任と応急処置 Self management responsibility and first aid
I will pay full attention to safety and health with the awareness and responsibility of each participant.
In addition, if I am injured, have an accident, or get sick during the event, the doctor and the organizer consent to give me first aid, and the significance of the first aid method and results. I will not recite.

-負傷・死亡事故の補償範囲 Compensation range for injuries and deaths
If I am injured during use or during the holding of incidental events, or if aftereffects based on these injuries occur, or if I die, any claim to the organizer or facility owner JR East Japan, I agree that no prosecution will be made.

-不可抗力事項の対応 Handling force majeure matters
In the event of any damage to or loss of your own equipment during use, we accept no claim or prosecution against the organizer or facility owner, JR East.

-肖像権等の広報使用と商業利用 Publicity and commercial use such as portrait rights
I agree that my portrait, name, address, age, competition history, self-introduction content, etc. will be used in public relations and media / information media related to facilities and events, and will be produced by the organizer accompanying them. We consent to the commercial use of printed matter, video, information media, etc.
When using Citywave®︎ Tokyo, I fully understand the "matters that I must affirm when using it", and in the case of an injury etc. that occurs during use, I agree that the doctor / organizer will give me first aid. I will not give any significance to the methods and results of first aid.
In addition, even if aftereffects based on these occur, or even if I die, we will exempt all responsibility for all parties involved in operation regardless of the cause.

We take it as a confirmation of agreement for our terms of service and privacy policy when we confirm your payment for our services.

Please place a check mark in the box below
if you agree with all the terms of service above.

I agree with the terms and conditions.